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God Answers Prayer After 12 years

Her husband met Jesus well before she did. He continued to ask her to consider the claims of Christ, but she couldn’t betray her own family with such a drastic transformation. So, she continued to change the subject whenever it came up. In spite of this, she couldn’t help but be curious about the strange words coming from the preacher on the Christian Satellite channel her husband had on in the house.

As she continued to hear his words; pretending she wasn’t listening when she entered to dust the end table, she started to become familiar with Jesus. She was introduced to him in a way she had never heard about in the mosque growing up. Sure, he was a prophet, but the words that Jesus said were so different from the cryptic puzzle that was the Quran. He was offering something that she had never experienced. He was offering hope.

It was this hope that emboldened her to write the email that the TV preacher encouraged her to write. She explained that she wanted to know more about Christ, and that she wanted a Bible that she could read herself. She knew this was a dangerous thing to do, but between the change she had seen in her husband and the enticing hope-filled words of Jesus, she was compelled.

That letter proved to be the beginning of a very painful time in her life. Her sister discovered it one day while borrowing her phone. Immediately, her sister demanded an explanation, alerting the rest of the family to what she had discovered. Her parents took the children out of the home, her family forced her to meet with Imams and Islamic leaders to convince her of her error. They made her go to Islamic school and even forced her to go on the pilgrimage to Mecca. Her brothers and uncles rallied around the family and beat her husband for leaving Islam and corrupting his wife.

Fatigued by the on-going feud with her family, she relented with her lips that she was no longer considering becoming a believer in Jesus. Even though she admitted in her heart that she no longer believed in Islam, she relented to ease the pressure and get her family off of her back.

Over the next several years, she kept her heart hidden from those around her. Members of her husband’s house church continued to pray for her salvation, but as much as she wanted that nagging voice in her head to go away, she couldn’t escape the fact that God was working in her heart and convincing her that a relationship with Him was possible only through Jesus.

After 12 years of battling God, her family, and even at times her husband, she gave up. She could no longer deny the faith that was growing and she told her husband and other believers in his church that she was a believer in Jesus Christ.

We spoke to Um Majd a few months after she made her confession of faith and it was a delight to see the joy in her eyes and face. She made it clear that she was willing to pay any price for her faith, but she was overwhelmed by the hope that she had in her faith in Jesus. As we talked and prayed together, she sincerely asked us and you to pray for their children. She asked that we all together pray that they will also be transformed by the Gospel.

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